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Spectacle Lenses
Contact Lens Solution

With a multitude of spectacle lens availability, choosing the optimum lenses to best suit your visual needs can be a daunting task. Advances in lens and coating technologies have given rise to some of the best ophthalmic lenses ever made. Our qualified Dispensing staff will help guide you through the lens choices ensuring you have the best lens options for your ocular needs and budget.


We offer a fantastic range of single vision, multifocal and occupational lenses all available in high index materials for high prescriptions.  Lenses are also available in Transitions materials and with various coatings giving the perfect addition to your finished lenses. With years of experience in the industry we have seen and dealt with most spectacle lens needs from the simplest of lenses to extremely high prescriptions and task specific requirements, we don’t shy away.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great accompaniment to your spectacles allowing you to have great unobstructed vision without a spectacle frame. Daily disposable lenses are perfect for both occasional wearers and more frequent wearers giving the freshness of a new lens every day.


Monthly disposables offer a more cost-effective route into contact lens wear and with advances in cleaning solutions, are easier than ever to maintain. Whether you are just one of those people who hates wearing glasses or feels wearing glasses is restricting your lifestyle, feel free to ask us about the options available for your specific needs and prescription requirements.

Optical shop
Myopia Control

When it comes to Myopia (short-sight), correcting your child’s eyesight won’t protect them from tomorrow. Myopia can still worsen, potentially affecting their future vision. Stellest lens is Essilor’s best solution to fight your child’s myopia and its strong efficacy has been clinically proven.

We all want the best for our children. Unfortunately, we can’t always identify, control, or know everything. Today, with Stellest™ lenses, it’s possible to control their myopia progression. This is a major and a crucial choice for our children, because the earlier you control their myopia progression, the less their vision will be impacted.

More children are getting myopia at a younger age – partly due to a rise in sedentary indoor lifestyles and an increasing amount of time spent in near activities. The younger a child develops myopia, the further it evolves and the higher it becomes.

Children developing short-sightedness at a younger age may have an increased risk of developing high myopia and the risk of developing visual impairments in adulthood.

To find out more or speak to one of our team members, please visit us in store or get in touch.

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